TEACHING INTERESTS: Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Bacterial Genetics, Microbial Evolution, Microbial-Host Interactions


BioSci 3750 – General Microbiology, Spring 2014, Fall 2014, Fall 2015

General principles of microbiology will be explored with an emphasis on bacteriology. This course will focus on the structure, metabolism, genetics, and ecology of prokaryotes including the bacteria and the archaea.

BioSci 8740 – Species Interactions, Spring 2013

I taught this course along with Dr. Candace Galen. This course looks at important topics in Species Interactions including mechanism, evolution, and ecology using exemplary examples from primary literature. The course includes both instructor and student presentations and all class periods include extensive discussion.

L211 Molecular Biology, Summer 2007 (Indiana University)

This is a sophomore-level molecular biology course.


GN_HON 2461H – Environment: From Molecules to the Cosmos – Fall 2013

Assisted Sarah Humfeld in the design and piloting of a laboratory exercise to explore the human microbiome. In this lab exercise, students will be asked to determine the abundance and distribution of microbes on human skin.

MMI 4300/4305/7404 – Bacterial Pathogenesis – Fall 2013-2015

I contributed to this team taught course by preparing and leading one lecture on bacterial cell division.