Former Lab Members

Courtney Buchanan, Undergraduate Researcher

CourtneyHometown: Lee’s Summit, MO
Project: To isolate and characterize bacteriophage that can infect Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Courtney says: “For me, research is an important way to gain skills that I can use not only in the lab, but also in future classes and job endeavors. Science is fun to explore, engage in, and learn.”
Career goal: I would like to go to medical school
Fun Fact: I love to travel to tropical places, I have visited 13 different places out of the country.

Jeanette Rimbey, Undergraduate Researcher
Hometown: Lee’s Summit, MO
Project: Isolating and characterizing bacteriophage that can infect A. tumefaciens
Jeanette Says: “Science is a constantly evolving field of study that can only be mastered upon asking questions, and counting on those questions to lead to more questions.”
Career Goal: I would like to become an equine veterinarian.
Fun Facts: I am a professional violinist, I ride and show American Saddlebreds professionally, and I work for the Raptor Rehab Project.

Ryan Koch, Undergraduate Researcher
Manchester, Missouri
Project: I am studying the polar organizing protein PopZ and its role in the growth of Agrobacterium tumefaciens using a yeast-two hybrid system, which screens for protein-protein interactions.
Ryan Says: “Science is an awesome way to understand the world around you.”
Career Goal: I would love to go to medical school and study neurology or psychiatry
Fun Fact: Hmm… I skipped first grade.  Does that count?

Aliyah Suliaman, Undergraduate Researcher
Berkeley, California
Project: I am developing quantitative assays to help validate novel approaches to complementation and depletion of genes of interest
Aliyah Says: “Science is satisfying to my curiosity. I like that my research is driven by my own questions and I am encouraged to never stop asking why.”
Career Goal: Once I complete both my undergraduate and graduate degree’s; I’d like to join a company involved with inventing new medicines and finding cures through extracting natural properties from plants and animals.
Fun Fact: I really love honey bee’s! I’ve played with them since I was a child and have never been stung. I’m thinking about becoming a bee keeper.

Anjaleque Bragg, Undergraduate Researcher


HometownDallas, TX
Project: Can predatory bacteria help clear industrially relevant biofilms?  Let’s find out…
Anjaleque Says: “Science is FANTASTIC! I am doing research because I think the best way to be part of science is through research.  And I like it.”
Career Goal: I’m not sure yet, but it will be sciency!
Fun Fact: I’ve seen every episode of Doctor Who, classic episodes included.

Sue Ann Flores, Visiting Undergraduate Researcher
Chicago, IL
Project: Role of LD-transpeptidation in growth of A. tumefaciens.
Sue Ann Says: “I am always fascinated and curious of what the world has to show me, and to see how the world works we have to search amazons, see through binoculars or microscopes, and study the past that has been written by great scientists”
Career Goal: To work in an industrial lab.
Fun Facts: I love to travel, but HATE plane rides! I love all creatures of the world except Arachnids! I think you should check out the PCR Song.

Caleb Bussard, Undergraduate Researcher
 Billings, MO
Project: What is the role of LD-transpeptidation in A. tumefaciens?
Caleb Says: “Science is both a body of knowledge and a process.”
Career Goal: I plan to attend medical school and specialize in emergency medicine, orthopedic surgery, or anesthesiology.
Fun Fact: I am a student coordinator for the Zou Crew.

Sharad Gami, Undergraduate Researcher
Waynesville, MO
Project: Screening mutants for cell wall defect using an embedded agarose assay.
Sharad Says: “Science is never ending.  Doing research is pretty legit.”
Career Goal: I would love to be a Physician’s Assistant one day!
Fun Facts: I am double-jointed in my elbow and can twist my arm 360 degrees. I am a Dallas Cowboys fan for life.