Current Lab Members

Brown Lab June 2015. Back Row: George Smith, Jeremy Daniel. Middle Row: Wanda Figueroa-Cuilan, Michelle Williams, Courtney Buchanan, Matt Howell. Front Row: Pam Brown, Sue Ann Flores, Hedieh Attai.

Brown Lab June 2015. Back Row: George Smith, Jeremy Daniel. Middle Row: Wanda Figueroa-Cuilan, Michelle Williams, Courtney Buchanan, Matt Howell. Front Row: Pam Brown, Sue Ann Flores, Hedieh Attai.

Pam Brown
, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
Joint Assistant Professor of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Veterinary Pathobiology

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Hometown: Portsmouth, RI
Project: Living the dream as an Assistant Professor in the Division of Biological Sciences since Sept. 2012. I spend my work days thinking about science, writing proposals, answering emails, teaching, mentoring, attending seminars and more…
About Me: Avid reader and frequent farmer’s market shopper.  I’m a former UCONN Husky, UGA Bulldog, IU Hoosiers and now a MU Tiger! I am a Mom of two boys.

Jeremy Daniel, Lab Guru
IMG_3174 cropHometown: Pawhuska, Oklahoma
Project: Exploring the mechanisms of polar growth of Agrobacterium tumefaciens.  And various other things around the lab, including but not limited to; all things molecular biology related, microscopy, fluorescent proteins and dyes, general lab tech support, patience and the art of laboratory equipment maintenance….
Fun Facts: My wife and I, along with our two dogs, live in the sleepy little town of Fayette, MO.  Fayette has one traffic light (it only flashes red), a small university (CMU), and Emmet’s Kitchen and Tap.

Matt Howell, Doctoral Graduate Student
Sullivan, MO
Project: Studying the role of the protein PopZ in polar growth of Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Matt says: “Science is fun.”
Career Goal: After completion of a PhD, I would like to teach at the collegiate level
Fun Fact: My favorite sports team is the St. Louis Cardinals.

Hedieh Attai
, Doctoral Graduate Student
Slide1Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Project: I am studying bacteriophages that infect Agrobacterium
Hedieh Says: “I am curious about the world of microorganisms. Science is the exploration and understanding of the natural world around us.”
Career Goal: To be a professor
Fun Facts: I love traveling – I have visited 17 countries!
Check it out: I think you should check this video out. Forward to 3:15 to watch the greatest science video ever made!

Wanda Figueroa-Cuilan, Doctoral Graduate Student
Arroyo, Puerto Rico
Project: The aim of my project is to determine the role of the essential polar organizing protein Z of A. tumefaciens (PopZ) during cell growth and division.
Wanda Says: “When I was 7 years old I asked my mother why would ants prefer sugar instead of salt? I did a project about the food preferences of ants for my town’s science fair and won a first place. After that experience, I was hooked. Science has always been a huge part of my life. I love it!!!.”
Career Goal: to be a principal investigator and a cell biology or microbiology professor.
Fun Facts: I don’t know how to swim, and yes, I am from an island.
Check it out: I like to see, hear, and read about science.  Click on the links to see some of my favorite science news sites.

Sue Ann Flores, Masters Graduate Student
DSC_0211cropHometown: Chicago, IL
Project: Role of the Min system in cell division and growth of A. tumefaciens.
Sue Ann Says“I am always fascinated and curious of what the world has to show me, and to see how the world works we have to search amazons, see through binoculars or microscopes, and study the past that has been written by great scientists”
Career GoalTo work in an industrial lab.
Fun Facts: I love to travel, but HATE plane rides! I love all creatures of the world except Arachnids!
Check it out: I think you should check out the PCR Song.

Michelle Williams, Doctoral Graduate Student
IMG_3539 copyHometown:
Kansas City, MO
Project: Investigating the protein-protein interactions of cell division and cell elongation machinery in Agrobacterium tumefaciens in order to gain a better understanding of cell wall biogenesis. Identification of mutants with cell wall defects using a high-throughput screen.
Michelle Says: “Science is … discovering something new and sharing it with the world!”
Career Goal: To become a professor
Fun Facts: I love antique shopping with my mom, sister and grandma. I have favorite shops around Missouri that I like to visit every year. Soon I will own my own condo, and I can’t wait to fill it with my favorite finds!
Check it out: A blog about graduate school, by graduate students for graduate students. This website always makes me laugh.

Brendan and Damian Brown, Junior Investigators
                                             Hometown: Columbia, MO
IMG_6005Projects: Helping to keep Pam sane by bringing some smiles into each day, being cute, growing and learning
Damian Says: “I want to help do experiments” when visiting the lab.
Brendan Says: Mama, dada, dayday (Damian), baba, truck, I did it, all done, and signs for more, please, and milk.
Fun Facts: Damian loves swimming, soccer, dinosaurs and Paw Patrol.  Brendan loves to eat, play with trucks and trains, and go outside.