Current Lab Members

Pam Brown, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
Joint Assistant Professor of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Veterinary Pathobiology

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Hometown: Portsmouth, RI
Project: Living the dream as an Assistant Professor in the Division of Biological Sciences since Sept. 2012. I spend my work days thinking about science, writing proposals, answering emails, teaching, mentoring, attending seminars and more…
About Me: Avid reader and frequent farmer’s market shopper.  I’m a former UCONN Husky, UGA Bulldog, IU Hoosiers and now a MU Tiger! I am a Mom of two boys and a girl.

Jeremy Daniel, Lab Guru
IMG_3174 cropHometown: Pawhuska, Oklahoma
Project: Exploring the mechanisms of polar growth of Agrobacterium tumefaciens.  And various other things around the lab, including but not limited to; all things molecular biology related, microscopy, fluorescent proteins and dyes, general lab tech support, patience and the art of laboratory equipment maintenance….
Fun Facts: My wife and I, along with our two dogs, live in the sleepy little town of Fayette, MO.  Fayette has one traffic light (it only flashes red), a small university (CMU), and Emmet’s Kitchen and Tap.

Matt Howell, Doctoral Graduate Student
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Sullivan, MO
Project: Studying the role of Fts proteins in cell division of Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Matt says: “Science is fun.”
Career Goal: After completion of a PhD, I would like to teach at the collegiate level
Fun Fact: My favorite sports team is the St. Louis Cardinals.

Hedieh Attai
, Doctoral Graduate Student
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Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Project: I am studying bacteriophages that infect Agrobacterium
Hedieh Says: “I am curious about the world of microorganisms. Science is the exploration and understanding of the natural world around us.”
Career Goal: To be a professor
Fun Facts: I love traveling – I have visited 18 countries!

Wanda Figueroa-Cuilan, Doctoral Graduate Student
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Hometown: Arroyo, Puerto Rico
Project: The aim of my project is to understand the mechanism of cell separation in A. tumefaciens.
Wanda Says: “When I was 7 years old I asked my mother why would ants prefer sugar instead of salt? I did a project about the food preferences of ants for my town’s science fair and won a first place. After that experience, I was hooked. Science has always been a huge part of my life. I love it!!!.”
Career Goal: to be a principal investigator and a cell biology or microbiology professor.
Check it out: I like to see, hear, and read about science.  Click on the links to see some of my favorite science news sites.

Michelle Williams, Doctoral Graduate Student
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Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Project: Investigating cell elongation machinery in Agrobacterium tumefaciens.
Michelle Says: “Science is … discovering something new and sharing it with the world!”
Career Goal: To become a professor
Check it out: A blog about graduate school, by graduate students for graduate students. This website always makes me laugh.

Gustavo Santiago-Collazo, Doctoral Graduate Student
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Hometown: Coamo, Puerto Rico
Project: Characterization of divisome proteins in Agrobacterium tumefaciens.
About me: I love baseball, my favorite teams are the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals. I love my hometown and the Caribbean lifestyle.
Fun fact: I have watched over 350 films.

Caroline Dunn, Undergraduate Researcher

Hometown: Houston, MO
Project: Investigating cell division machinery in A. tumefaciens
About Me: I love to go hiking and camping whenever possible. I also enjoy cooking and baking.
Career Goal: I aim to be a PI and teacher at a research university. I plan to attend Indiana University for my PhD.

Rebecca Piccolo, Undergraduate Researcher
Hometown: I’ve lived in five different states all over the country so I don’t really have a hometown. But my last permanent residence was Springfield, MO.
Project: The Min system contributes to constriction placement in Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Fun fact: I played the viola from the fifth grade up until I went to college.
Career goals: I plan on becoming a Medical Laboratory Scientist or a Forensic Scientist.

 Damian, Brendan, and Anna Brown, Junior Investigators  
Hometown: Columbia, MO
Projects: Helping to keep Pam sane by bringing some smiles into each day, being cute, growing and learning
Fun Facts: Damian loves swimming, soccer, dinosaurs, and math. Brendan has an extensive vehicle collection and loves to be outside. Anna loves puppies and recently learned to tell a knock-knock joke.