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8-15. The Brown lab celebrated Hedieh’s birthday with a lab lunch.  Our third attempt at finding an open restaurant was successful!  We enjoyed the unique decor and food at Thip Thai. Happy birthday Hedieh!


From left: Jeremy, Sue Ann, Michelle, Matt, Hedieh, and Wanda

8-15. The Brown lab celebrated the end of summer with pizza and beer at Shakespeare’s pizza.  Our lab party was just after Matt passed his comps so we were in a celebratory mood!

8-15. The Phage meeting wasn’t all work.  We found time to have some fun on our way to WI with a stop in Iowa City for lunch.  We made plenty of time to network with colleagues during the meeting.  Finally, we collected samples for our phage hunt on the drive back to MO.

6-15.  Collecting samples for our Agrobacterium phage hunt has become quite a Brown family affair.  Damian especially loves to collect the “zamples” for Mommy’s work.

6-15.  After running around campus on a hot day to get an updated lab photo, we stopped at Starbucks for some cool drinks.  Fortunately the photo shoot continued…
funny coffee crop copy

6-15. We welcome Courtney to lab and celebrated Wanda’s birthday by having lunch at Bleu and enjoying cupcakes from The Velvet Cupcake.  Yum!

5-15.  We celebrated Sue Ann’s birthday with a lunch at Quinton’s rooftop patio.  And some Little Debbie’s Cakes?

5-15. The Brown lab attended the Spring Biology Picnic at Stephens Lake Park. Special thanks to Hedieh and Wanda who made sure that Brendan and Damian had a blast!

Hedieh and Damian take a break to make some wishes.  Did they come true?

Hedieh and Damian take a break to make some wishes. Did they come true?

4-15 Brown lab gathered to celebrate the upcoming graduations of Aliyah, Jeanette, and Ryan!  Congratulations to all three of you!  We are proud of your hard work and contributions to the lab.

The first Brown lab graduates - Jeanette, Ryan, and Aliyah

The first Brown lab graduates – Jeanette, Ryan, and Aliyah


image13-15 The Brown lab hosted Dr. John McCutcheon (pictured here reinacting Dr. Barbara McClintock’s famous way of entering her lab) during his recent seminar visit to the division of biological sciences.  Follow the link to learn more about the wonderful research that is going on the McCutcheon lab.

2-15 Pam’s niece Zoey stopped by the lab to help us do some lab work! 

2-15 Damian conducted his first experiment in the lab.  His hand have “germs”!



12-14. Brown lab celebrates at the Divisional Holiday Luncheon.  Matt was the luck winner of the centerpiece.



11-14. Sue Ann, Hedieh, Catie and Wanda enjoyed a day of fun in Chicago in advance of the Crown Gall Meeting.




The only thing you can see out the lab windows is the sky.  Not so bad when you can catch a partial solar eclipse…



photo 4


Who says defrosting the lab freezers can’t be fun?!?!



photo 3


Jane Goodall spoke at the Mizzou Arena.  What a wonderful perk of college town living!


The Brown lab gathered on Labor Day for a day for fun outside the lab.  There was plenty of good food and lots of fun.

8-14. On our way to and from the Phage meeting in Wisconsin we made some fun stops!

On our way, we ate gourmet burgers in Iowa City, Iowa!

On our way back, we visited the future birthplace of Captain Kirk. Yes, your read that correctly.  For a roadside attraction, it did not disappoint in its uniqueness!

5-14. The Brown Lab and Gang of Four celebrated the end of spring 2014 semester with a pot-luck lunch on Stop Day.  I know what you are thinking – a pot luck?!?  But let me tell you, we’ve got some great cooks on the fourth floor.  Matt’s buffalo chicken dip, Jeanette’s tacos, and Jeremy’s baklava were all stand-outs!  We just might have to have another celebratory potluck!


photo 2


10-13. On October 4th, Pam and her husband Henry and son Damian welcomed the newest member of their family.  Welcome to the family Brendan Joseph!



7-13. On July 26th, we bid summer and Sue Ann (who returns to Barry University to finish up her chemistry degree) a fond farewell with lunch at Shakespeare’s pizza.

7-13. What happens when you mix a Photo Booth, undergraduate researchers and mentors at a farewell picnic?  Click on the pictures below to find out.

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